[Bundle of 2] Baby Tape/Pants Diaper with Camellia Oil



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Besoo disposal diaper with Camellia oil available in tape and pull up pants.
Camellia Tea oil is plant extract that keeps baby free from diaper rashes, prevent skin irritation and nourishes your little one skin.
– Leak Proof Design – Prevent side, back, front leakage.
– Airy 3D Surface – Breathable material to let hot air out. With 3D three-dimensional perforated surface layer and super soft breathable base film not only comfortable, refreshing and breathable, it is also friendly to your little one delicate skin.
– High Absorbency – can absorb up to 8 times, 600ml of liquid. Which is 1pc = 3pcs of diapers. it is money saving.
– Ultra-Thin 2mm thinness
– Smart Urine Indicator reminds you to change your little one diaper

含茶花油的Besoo一次性尿布,有胶带和紧身裤。茶花茶油是一种植物提取物,可使婴儿免受尿布疹的侵害,防止皮肤刺激并滋养您的一小块皮肤防泄漏设计-防止侧面,背面,正面泄漏。-通风的三维表面-透气材料,柯林斯排出热网的英文什么意思网的英文什么意思网的英文什么意思网是什么意思?网求空气凭借3D三维穿孔表面层和超柔软的透气底膜,不仅舒适,清爽和透气,还对您的小巧娇嫩皮肤友好。-高吸收力-最多可吸收8次,吸收600毫升液体。1PC = 3颗尿布。这是省钱的。-超薄2毫米厚度-智能尿液指示器提醒您更换小尿布

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 12 cm