Einmilk 8 layers yarn U-shaped bib / Newborn Bib gauze pure cotton



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U-style 21*30cm

Introduction to Specifications
Applicable age: children
Function: Water absorption
Ingredients: pure cotton
Category A (for infants and young children)
Product category: bib/bib
Fabric: pure cotton (more than 95%)
Applicable age: children’s clothing (1-3 years old), baby clothing (0-1 years old)
Applicability Gender: Neutral/Both Men and Women
Previously, because many mothers responded that the actual use of double buttons is low, so now the default single button subscription, if you need double buttons, please leave a message for boys and girls, shipment time is about 3 days, single spot deduction.
Commodity characteristics:
8-layer pure cotton gauze material, the product is very skin-friendly and soft, breathable and comfortable.
Waterproof and dirty-proof, good friend of non-staple food, non-staple food is always
Make clothes wet and dirty. This saliva towel can be used for two at a time.
Water absorbability is very good. No matter how many mouthfuls it is, it is not afraid of water.
No fluorescent agent
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