Most baby milk bottles are made from plastic material that needs to be replaced regularly every few months. Some parents use glass milk bottles, but even then, find that they have too many to deal with when their baby stops drinking milk.

What can we do with all these milk bottles that seem like a waste to simply toss in the trash?

Recycling is not the solution, as there is simply too much plastic to segregate and actual recycling rates are low. Repurposing milk bottles for use around the house is an option you could try out to reduce waste.

Give your baby bottles new life by repurposing them!

  1. Vase
    Simply stick some flowers into an unwanted milk bottle to liven up your house instantly! You can enlist the help of your child to decorate the bottle using paint, washi tape or stickers. 
  2. Night light
    Another fuss-free way of decorating your house is to throw in some solar powered fairy lights into a bottle and it will become a beautiful night light.
  3. Vertical garden
    Bring in some greenery into your homeby creating a vertical garden out of unwanted milk bottles. Cut off the bases of the bottles and overturn it. Fill it with compost, some soil and plant some seedlings in.
  4. Bird feeder
    Cut out a hole at the side and hang up the bottle. Fill with bird seeds and watch the  birds congregate in your garden!

Milk bottles can be repurposed into flower vases with a simple touch-up

  1. Salad dressing shaker
    No alteration is needed for this. Simply reuse your milk bottle by adding some strawberry jam and vinegar and shake it all up. You’ll have strawberry vinaigrette for your salad.
  2. Snack holder
    Milk bottles often come with sealing discs for mums who express milk. Replace the milk teats with these sealing discs and reuse the bottles to hold snack puffs, fruits and nuts for your little one!
  3. Candle holder
    If you use glass milk bottles, they can be repurposed into candle holders by placing a tea light at the bottom. If you use plastic milk bottles, you can achieve a similar effect by using a LED tea light that can be purchased from dollar stores.
  4. Donate them to an animal shelter
    They may not be suitable for your baby’s use, but can come in handy at animal shelters where certain animals need to be bottle-fed. Before donating, please ask the shelter managers if they require them.
  5. Measuring cups for liquids
    See those measurement markings on milk bottles? They come in handy to measure out liquids when you are baking or cooking. 
  6. Pretend play
    Children love to play pretend and instead of buying bottles for dolls, why not use existing bottles that your child no longer needs?
  7. Container for washing paint brushes
    Reuse unwanted baby bottles as containers to hold water for washing paint brushes during art jamming sessions.
  8. Kitchen spice storage
    Organise your kitchen pantry by using unwanted baby bottles to hold dry grains and spices.


What are some clever ways you have repurposed your child’s milk bottles into? Share your creative ideas with us!