What’s in your diaper bag? What are the absolute essentials that you shouldn’t leave home without when bringing your little one out? Read on to find out more! We’ve made two lists, one for infants and another for toddlers!


Infants need about 6 to 8 pieces of diapers for a full day out.


Things to pack in your diaper bag – for infants


  • Diapers
    If your baby is a newborn or if you are still unable to tell how often baby poops, bring more diapers in case of emergency! Pack in about 6 to 8 pieces just in case you are caught in situations where baby poops in the new diaper right after being changed. Always pack in extra diapers as an emergency stash too.



  • Barrier cream/Diaper rash cream
    Infants have sensitive skin and if your baby is on disposable diapers, diaper rash cream should be used to protect your baby from diaper rash. Gently apply a thin layer over clean skin before putting on a new diaper for your baby.



  • Spare set of clothes for baby and parent
    In the early months, infants tend to throw up or soil their clothes often. Worse, you might be greeted with a poo-nami – an explosively runny poop that leaks and soils everything it comes into contact with. Be sure to pack an additional set of clothes for your little one. If there’s space, pack in a set of clothes for yourself as you never know when your baby may do a poo-nami!



  • Diaper Changing Pad
    Diaper changing stations may not be sanitised frequently enough, so bring along your personal diaper changing pad to place your infant on top of.



  • Milk bottle expressed breast milk or formula milk
    On average, infants drink about 60ml to 90ml of breastmilk or formula every 3 to 4 hours.

    If your baby is on the bottle, you’ll need to pack in one or two milk bottles and milk. A handy tip for formula feeding is to store lukewarm water in the bottle so you’ll only need to add powder before feeding.



  • Teether
    Babies often become irritable when their teeth start to cut through. Having a teether allows them to soothe their sore gums. Alternatively, you can wear a teething necklace so you won’t need to rummage for it in your bag!



  • Wet wipes and Tissue
    Wet wipes are useful for cleaning up dirty bottoms, wiping down tables, high chairs and shopping carts.



  • Muslin cloth

A muslin cloth serves multiple purposes – it can be used as a swaddle, a blanket, stroller cover, nursing cover or rolled up to become a little bolster for your baby. It’s light and breathable too!


What should you bring out when you have a toddler?


          Things to pack in your diaper bag – for toddlers


  • Diapers
    For toddlers, pack about 4 to 6 pieces each time you head out of the house as they do not need to be changed as frequently as newborns.



  • Spare set of clothes
    Pack a spare set of clothes as toddlers tend to run around and perspire a lot. They’re also prone to spilling food and drinks, so extra clothes would be ideal.



  • Water bottle
    A water bottle to keep your toddler hydrated.



  • Milk bottle expressed breast milk or formula milk

Beyond a year old, toddlers can consumer other types of milk. Bring along your toddler’s formula milk, milk bottle, lukewarm water if your child is on formula milk. Some parents bring along UHT packet kinds of milk. For breastfed toddlers, parents may nurse in public or bring along expressed breastmilk too.



  • Snacks
    Tidbits have proven useful in stopping would-be tantrums or to feed them between meals. Make it a point to pack in healthier snacks such as rice puffs with no artificial flavouring, fruits, or simply make some delicious and healthy meat patties!



  • Toy or book
    It is a challenge keeping a toddler entertained when commuting or when waiting for food at a dining place. Pack in a small toy or colourful book. Try water wow books, where your toddler can paint using a brush filled with water. There’s no mess and toddlers enjoy seeing the pictures brighten up with colour.



  • Bib
    Bibs come in handy during mealtimes to keep your toddler’s clothes clean and neat. Pack in a bib with a food catcher at the bottom to make clean up easier when you’re outside.



  • Socks

Socks are not absolute essentials, but most if not all indoor playgrounds for children require that the child has socks on. Ensure that you have a pair of socks stashed somewhere in your diaper bag so you don’t end up paying for a new pair.



We hope these two lists will make it easier for you to prepare for outings with your little one! Let us know what is one item which you never leave home without!