Between the age of 6 to 12 months old, your little one is more alert and eager to explore the world. Your curious baby is all ready to play and interact with you, as he/she develops physically, emotionally and mentally. Some of the fun activities parents can engage your babies in, as they work their motor, social and sensorial skills.


#1 Listen to Music

Expert share that music ignites multiples aspects of child development by influencing the brain. Playing some soft background music can encourage better sleep too. During your baby’s awake time, try playing nursery rhymes, classical music, or even some Jazz.


#2 Have Fun with Peekaboo

Now you see mummy, now you don’t! Watch your baby’s cute expressions as he/she looks forward to seeing you re-appear from behind that hanky. They are learning about object permanence while you’re at it.


#3 Clap Those Hands

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! Clap along as you sing to familiar songs, or hold your baby’s hands to teach him how to clap. Before long, your little munchkin will be clapping and dancing with glee as he works those motor skills too!


#4 Stack Them Up

Blocks, containers, books or cups – simply stack them up! show your little one how to build that tall tower, and he will be amazed and excited to do the same too. Little eyes and fingers get to sharpen focus as they learn about cause-and-effect – yes, you guess it.  Knocking them down is part of fun too!


#5 Talk To Each Other

Communication is an essential skill, so start talking to your baby. He/She may not be able to understand just yet, but constant listening of words exposes your little one to language and emotions. Don’t forget to pause and listen to him/her too – those babbles and coos are their way of communicating with you, so let him tell you about his day too!