It’s Albert’s birthday and he loves cake! Can you help to draw and decorate a beautiful birthday cake for him? Get creative by using different materials!

Activity Experience

Birthdays call for a celebration and an invitation to fun times together! Let’s bring cheer to Albert by drawing and decorating his birthday cake, specially “baked” and designed by your child! Parents can take this activity further by browsing photographs of your child’s birthday and kickstart a wealth of linguistic opportunities including vocabulary and conversational exposure!

Let your child draw, doodle and decorate Albert’s birthday cake using pencils, crayons, markers, colour pencils or even paints! Explore mix mediums of materials and get creative by pasting crepe paper, mesh paper, glitter glue, stickers, buttons and more. This helps develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills too.

As you work on creating that deliciously yummy birthday cake, ask your child questions such as:

    • How old is Albert?
    • Shall we add some candles on the cake?
    • Do you think he might like some flowers, stickers, hearts, or (insert an object your child is familiar with) on his birthday cake?
    • What flavour do you think the cake is? Chocolate, strawberry, ice cream cake?

Asking questions helps guide young children through a series of thoughts which enriches their cognitive development. It also encourages them to proactively ask questions too, so that learning is a 2-way active affair. Inquisitiveness is a positive sign that your child wants to explore and discover, so do take heart in patiently answering them to feed their minds especially during the early years!