So you offer your baby something once and they make a face. “ok – no biggie, we try again tomorrow!  Oooh they made the face again. Hmm…maybe they don’t like it?  Let’s try one more time.  GAHH!  They barely even touched it!  Should I try again?  Ugh….I give up….guess she just doesn’t like blueberries!”.  <<the inner dialogue of a frustrated mom>>


But no mommy…not true!  Babies have so many reasons for the funny faces they make when they eat (that sometimes looks like disgust😬).  Think about it – it’s a new process, and they are being hit with new flavours left, right and centre.  A new taste can be nothing more than a surprise that throws them off guard or maybe was bit overwhelming at the time but is something they can get used to.  That gag you saw may be just because the texture is new or they lost control of it in their mouth, not because the taste was bad to them.  Or maybe there is no funny face but just a general disinterest in a food.  That’s ok!  It doesn’t necessary mean they don’t like it (even if they don’t – it’s all the more reason to keep offering!).  It could be a multitude of other reasons (like the examples above🖕).


It’s so hard to know why they don’t eat something one day – so the suggestion is skip over trying to label the reason and just keep moving on!  Sometimes it’s easy to stop offering a food after 2, 3 or even 5 tries. But especially when babies are young, keep on exposing them to a food over and over and more often than not, they start eating it one day when you least expect!


Share with us what food does your baby not love yet?  How many times you tried re-offering it?