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Tag - baby's development

Pregnancy week 10 – 13: The First Trimester is almost over

For Parents, Pregnant

You’re at the last lap of the first trimester, pregnant mummies! At this stage, you might notice that your baby bump is showing. If this is your first pregnancy, your bump may take longer to show as the…

4 Easy Right Brain Activities to Play with Kids at Home

Babies, Babies, Family Fun, For Parents, Toddlers, Toddlers

A child’s brain develops at exponential speed from during the first three years, with the right brain being more dominant until around three years old. The left brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body.…

Pregnancy Weeks 6-9: Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Babies, Babies, For Parents, Health & Nutrition, Pregnant, Pregnant

Congratulations! You may have just found out that you’re expecting and the news may be a little shocking. Pregnancy symptoms are starting to become more obvious and you may experience morning sickness. Some women have a severe type…

Baby’s First Sensory Bin: 10 Household Items that Offers Endless Fun

Babies, For Parents

Babies are intuitively curious. By engaging their senses and offering them with an opportunity to explore, babies learn to make sense of their world. The importance of sensory play in early childhood acts as a springboard to nurture…


Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for healthy growth and development of babies. Good maternal nutrition helps sustain an adequate supply and quality of breast milk. Unnecessary introduction of bottle-feeding, partially or fully, or of other complementary foods and drinks may have a negative impact on breastfeeding, which may be irreversible. Consult your doctor and consider the social and financial implications before deciding to use breast milk substitutes or if you have difficulty breastfeeding. Follow usage, preparation and storage instructions of breast milk substitutes or of other complementary foods and drinks carefully as improper or unnecessary use may pose a health hazard.